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Single and Preparing for Marriage

Single and preparing for marriage:

I’m single and I often pray for my single brothers and sisters who desire to be married. Know this, God has not forgotten about you/us!! Be encouraged. When God said it’s not good for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18), He was referring to human capacity, not human proximity. This scripture is often misunderstood to suggest that it’s not good for us to be …single …for the sake of avoiding loneliness.

Points to consider: God wasn’t concerned with Adam becoming lonely …because Adam was already fulfilled and whole: That’s how God made Him. As a matter of fact, Adam had no clue what feeling lonely felt like as he was the only human occupying earth. As well, He was complete and content in His fellowship with God. That is, he was well taken care of, had EVERYTHING he needed, worked as into the Lord, and was privileged to fellowship with his Creator!! Talk about the GOOD life!!

Here’s the proper context of the scripture (Genesis 2:18): God knew it wasn’t good for one man to be monopolize the seed of humanity …all of the beauty, gifts, and purpose that humanity contained: What good is potential if it’s not executed? That is, based on God’s human design, it would have been impossible for Adam to be …fruitful and multiply …by himself. That’s why He told “them” …male and female …Genesis 1:28. So then, He gave Adam a helper ….”suitable.for.him” …”suitable.for.him” ….”suitable.for.him” …to fulfill His mandate.

Please don’t despise your single season. It’s a beautiful season of development and personal discovery. God’s timing is impeccable. He knows when you are ready to share what He has placed inside of you. Might I add, what He’s placed in you is too big for you to manage, alone!! Thats why it’s important to pray for someone who is! Only one person truly has the capacity, maturity, and responsibility to cover, protect, and honor you as God intends. In His timing, He will make His …perfect… presentation and allow you to choose your spouse.

This is God’s love: He has already designed our perfect fit …but He always gives us the freedom to choose. Please understand this, because God is sovereign and loves us …He will always present us HIS BEST and the alternative worst to prove/fulfill His God design of humans …the freedom to choose. But then He implores us to choose His best!! Deuteronomy 30:19.

Find comfort and joy in your single season. Don’t settle. Remain patient. Study marriage and prepare. Set your affections on things above …not on earth … and learn to be fulfilled in Jesus.

Doing so brings contentment to those nights alone at the house; those moments when you just want to cake on the phone ; those moments when you wish you had physical/financial help; and those moments when …well y’all are grown …you know!! He’ll keep you if you want to be kept!!! Hammercy!!

Stay encouraged!

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