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Wise Leadership

Wise leaders are willing to receive feedback (directly or indirectly) from the people they are leading, as these individuals act as a mirror for accountability of conduct and impact.

Oftentimes, these are the people closest to the leader, who have a front seat to their humanity. An insecure leader will reject feedback and defend ineffective practices or poor behavior. Wise leaders take responsibility for poor outcomes that are a direct reflection of their leadership and are open to adjusting for optimal outcomes. A leader’s pride, harsh/condescending words, and unwillingness to change/adjust will ruin this relationship.

Impactful leaders are humble and seek to empower, not control, the people they’re leading. Leaders can only GET the best out of those they SEE the best in. Leaders are self-reflective and are more interested in building relationships, than proving they’re …right. Leaders encourage more than they correct, let go more than they micromanage, and listen more than they instruct.

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