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Life, Weight Rooms, and Candy Corn

Life, weight rooms, and candy corn. So, I’ve worked in weight rooms my entire career and I’ve seen it all. Even the biggest, fastest, and strongest people grow weary when working out. Because … moving weights is difficult!!

Life, too, can be uncomfortable at times. But those challenging moments are designed to develop us into people who truly know our God. And …I’ve found, rest, joy, and peace are not absent during trials. They are simply waiting for an opportunity to be received. Be encouraged.

Back to the weight room analogy: Consistency produces fruit, good or bad. Anyone who chooses to workout is most successful when:

1. They are committed to the work requirements. You can’t be lazy/consistently inconsistent and expect good results. Proverbs 10:4

2. You have to trust the plan that your trainer provides: someone who has gone before you and proven to know what’s best for you. Be willing to submit to mentorship/leadership. It’s crucial. Hebrews 13:17

3. You must be willing to swallow your pride when you need a spot. Ask for help!! Community is a blessing! You are not an island as God has given you the right people who will love you, pray for you, and help you move the weight. Proverbs 16:18

4. You pay attention to your goals and not the person across the room. Comparison Kills. By the way, check out my friend’s Nona Jones new book!! Same title. You are unique and have been created to be extraordinary. Find your lane and riiiiddee!!! Jeremiah 39:11

5. Switch it up. You can’t always go hard and heavy. Sometimes, light and easy are just as profitable. As well, be willing to try something different. Be sensitive to God’s leading. Most times He will wreck our routines, plans, and schedules in order to get the best out of us. Isaiah 43:18-19

5. Rest. From a physiological standpoint, the body systems: Work (respond to a stimulus), Adapt (recruit in order to get the task completed), Rest (recover and replenish). Hustling is overrated and will cause fatigue, frustration, and harm. Rest allows us to reset, reimagine, and rebuild! It’s a blessing …and mandate …from God. Matthew 11:28

You’ve got this

!! Keep …going … OAN - Brach’s …Candy Corn is supreme. Any other name brand is trashhhh

Win the day!!!

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